Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Minnie Mouse Birthday

Would you believe that Minnie Mouse is actually my mother?! Well, she is! And she made that insanely incredible costume!

My niece was celebrating her 2nd birthday, and we all headed to the playground for a Minnie Mouse themed party. Kids were going absolutely bonkers for Minnie and I felt like a paparazzo, following Minnie and the Birthday Girl around the playground!
MinnieMouse Collage

Food isn't my favorite subject to shoot (unless it's a sweet confection!) - but I do recommend taking photos of party food before guest arrive and start noshing. Plus, you can play around with the arrangement and set up the shot to create the most visual interest.

Photos where we don't see someone's face can often help tell a story or provide a little extra drama. For example, Summer marching off with the birthday balloons totally fits her independent personality. And just seeing Camden's pink hair bow instead of her face, and her tiny hand show a dainty little girl (who, by the way, took a lifetime to eat that cookie!)

Next time you're taking photos of little ones, try focusing on something other than the face and see what happens!

... I have a hankering for a cookie right about now!

Friday, March 1, 2013

MaKayla's Christmas

On Christmas Day, I squeezed in a photo shoot of 5 month of MaKayla. With a house full of people and non-stop barking dogs, this little girl was unbelievably calm and composed!

These photos were taken in a relative's antique sitting room, equipped with large windows. But with the sun completely set at the time of this shoot, I had to make do with some very harsh lighting. The best thing to do in a situation like this is to get creative. Move furniture around if you need to, try different angles to reduce the harsh light, and play around with your post-editing to soften the colors.

MaKayla collage