The Girl Behind The Camera

I've always been artistic. In kindergarten, I loved to use the paint station. In the first grade, I was awarded "Most Creative." My childhood friends and I used our imaginations and created our own toys out of construction paper, clay, and paint. Teachers have even asked to keep my projects for future use! Craft and fabric stores are still sources of endless inspiration. I only wish that I had the time to create the world in my vision.

From a young age, I watched my mom visualize something in her head and the create it with her hands. She could take a piece of fabric and transform it into something wonderful. If she didn't know how to fix something, she'd figure it out. I have so many stories about the amazing things she made (and that from time to time I helped with). From her I  inherited my creative problem solving and an artistic eye. My dad is a huge musicphile. I grew up listening to the Beatles, Bluegrass, and Beethoven. We listened to Celtic instrumentals on winter road trips to New England in the snow. Music is often what links my emotions to my surroundings. Music allows me to access my creativity on a deeper and more holistic level. So thank you Mom and Dad for your influence and encouragement.

In addition to being a lover of beauty, I am an optimist, a romantic, an allow my intuition to guide me. For me, each day has the capacity to be filled with so much beauty, you just need to know where to look. Somewhere in between the boundaries and structure of civilized society and the rugged independent spirit of the wilderness is where I find my inspiration. It's just like music- sometimes the raw emotion of the music bursts through the structure that reveals the deepest truths and beauties to the listener. That is what my photography strives to achieve. 

My photographic style reflects my ethos; appreciation for nuances and subtleties that make life unique and special. A desire for balance and harmony, The appreciation that something flawed and unaltered may still be perfect. A belief that happiness is not a state of being, but a way of life. The world looks different through my eyes and I cherish that perspective. What I love most about photography is the ability to help us all connect with the world on an emotional level. Just like music, photographs can touch us deeply and lower our guard. My hope isn't to freeze an image in time, but to allow that image to share a story and a feeling. I see "moments," sometimes overlooked by others - those intimate, and quiet thoughts, the beauty that is within us all, the connection we have with the world around us. In short, I seek to capture the moment.